During the study visit held at the Altamura LAG, Luigi Picerno expressed satisfaction with the results achieved.

On July 19, the event “Local Development in Practice. Good practices and study visit 2023” at the Altamura LAG, as part of the 2014-2022 Rural Development Program. The activities were organized by the National Rural Network in collaboration with CREA. Deep satisfaction on the part of Luigi Picerno: “I gave birth to these products with the main purpose of not distorting our history and authenticity, therefore to revive – in a modern key – a market that is constantly evolving.”

He continues: “The eating habits of families have changed, in fact Bruschetta di Altamura® and Crostini Tozzapane® meet those needs by having a longer shelf life. We are talking about natural and tasty snacks.” Thus avoiding “leftovers and waste even at the production level … every baker’s worry at the end of the day.” He concludes, “I have been studying various solutions for more than 10 years, obviously it took a lot of teamwork for which I warmly thank my team. Not only that, we had to involve machinery suppliers to adapt each process to the result achieved.”