Time for festivals, colorful lights, aperitifs, family lunches and endless dinners.

That time of year is back when cities are dressed in Christmas colors and sounds, kitchens in scents, memories and delicacies.

You start thinking, and a lot, about food and what to put on the table at Christmas and New Year. Something good, imaginative, original, tasty, and something that everyone can agree on.

PanBiscos is the right choice for appetizers and dinners. Bruschetta di Altamura® is the ideal product because it is ready-made and seasoned. For simple, quick and colorful yet tasty recipes that will delight young and old alike. With cream cheese, salmon and pink pepper, or stracciatella and sun-dried tomatoes or even with tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and arugula.

Space for imagination and go ahead and indulge in combinations, it’s Christmas!